Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sexual Match: Taurus Woman Dating Aquarius Man

The Taurus woman and Aquarius man are both fixed signs so stubborn ways of thinking and living are bound to create tension in this love match.

The Taurus woman craves stability whereas the Aquarius man thrives on the unpredictable. This relationship can only work if both partners are fully committed. The Taurus woman must learn to seduce her Aquarius man’s mind and he must appreciate his lady’s desire for physical stimulation above intellectual.
The sex between these two signs can be fulfilling in both body and mind if both are willing to give a little before they receive pleasure.


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  2. Well i am a Taurus Female, and I am dating an Aquarius male, and have to say the sex is electrifying, i am not a stubborn or needy person as described, so am inclined and have to say Its the best sex ever, and I want more. hope this helps other people. there is a huge emotional connection during sex which I have never had lol only known him for 4 days so anyone dating an Aquarius male just enjoy and take one day at a time, its so worth it.