Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sexual Match: Taurus Woman Dating Scorpio Man

his combination is guaranteed to be a powerful and intense love match! The Taurus woman needs to be sexually gratified and with a Scorpio man she’ll not only enjoy sexual intensity but he’s likely to spiritually transform her through the bonds of their lovemaking.

When a Taurus woman dates a Scorpio man both will sense the intuitive link. Taurus has domain over all the physical senses but Scorpio’s domain is the 6th sense. In this way, they complete one another, mind, body and soul.
This can be a passionate, possessive and all consuming relationship. The Taurus woman values the Scorpio man’s conviction in knowing without tangible proof and he admires her depth of resilience and practical instinct to build something solid out of the ethers.


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  3. Sex is a fascinating topic in line with horoscopes because the sexual urge is one of the strongest emotions in the universe, and is heavily affected by times and seasons, astrology signs, and all that. I do love the pictures presented here. Passionate and sensual blog worth reading. ;)